Sherwood Haven Photography

Photography has always been a personal past time that has developed into a passion in the past 5 years

Unlike other photography services available, Sherwood Haven is about creating a tailored experience that puts the focus on capturing your moments & memories.

The name Sherwood Haven comes from my early days of photography in Sherwood Pines & Sherwood Forest.

These places became known as my safe Haven and somewhere i could get away from the normal stresses of life.

Sherwood Haven Services & Prices:

Bookings are on pre-arrangement /appointment only.

Time/labour cost’s:
Hourly Rate£18.50 per hour (Minimum 2 hour slots)
Day Rate – £150.00 per day (Over 8 hours- Maximum 12 hours)

Final Delivery method:
USB Drive +£30.00 per 300 Images
SD Card Drive + £25 per 300 images
[Canvas options are available, but will be completed by a 3rd party]

Editing & Enhancements:
Editing & Enhancements of Photographed images are available at £4.00 per image. Originals (unedited images) will be delivered along with edited photo’s

Image Data Backup:
To offer extra peace of mind if anything happens to your copies. Additional Backup’s can be stored with Sherwood Haven for £36.00 for 5 years for up to 400 images.

NB: Images stored as backup’s by BAIreland Services are stored on a disk drive within a lock coded safe. Backup’s can be requested at any reasonable time. Data Backups will not be available after the final delivery has taken place.

Still Interested?

Head over to the Bookings Form to arrange a meeting.

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