Hygiene Audits

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Hygiene audits is one of the latest advances at B A Ireland Services.

Each Hygiene Audit consists of over 250 questions used to assess a food businesses level of complience in food Law.

Your first step is to decide whether you need a Food Hygiene Audit.

Most businesses simply have a regular yearly audit to keep themselves on track and to ensure they are meeting the highest standards possible

Once you’ve arranged your date, a certified Auditor will turn up and conduct the Audit. Once completed, the Auditor will have one final meeting explaining their inspection and ways in which you can improve your standards and rating.

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When the Audit has been reviewed by the team at B A Ireland Services, you will recieve a copy of the audit and a detailed report from your auditor explaining the areas of concern.

From here you can use the audit as a check-list to improve and maintain your hygiene practices.



“Fantastic Service, Very knowledgable. Highly Recommend” 

And like most of our services, Hygiene Audits also come with 1 years free Phone consultations worth £69.99.



Full Hygiene Audits Start from £240.00 for small businesses and can be organised to suit your business type and needs.

To arrange an Audit or to find out more details contact us on 07551 072 741 or email us at brendon@bairelandservices.com