Discounts & Benefits

BAIreland Services Has always been about deciding how to ‘give back’ to clients and business , and also reward loyalty to the businesses that deserve it.

Discounts & Benefits:

Early Bird Discounts

Early Bird Discounts is a fantastic incentive & reward for those businesses that pay early.

Available on all BAIreland Services products and service’s.

How it works:
It’s very simple. You get your invoice. Look for the discounts. Pay the discounted rate before the date specified.

(10% EBD) Is available when an invoice is paid within 1 day.
(5% EBD) Is available when an invoice is paid within 7 days.

Invoice total: £100.00
Date: 01/01/2020

(10%) £
90.00 if paid by 02/01/2020
(5%) £95.00 if paid by 08/01/2020

Annual Loyalty Bonus

The Annual Loyalty Bonus is a reward to loyal clients who use BAIreland Services year after year.

The way this bonus works is for every year you continue to use BAIreland Services, you’ll received a £10.00 discount off your first invoice of the calender year. this also Increases over the years as you continue to use BAIreland Services:

1 Year – £10.00
2 Years – £20.00
3 Years – £30.00
4 years – £40.00
5 Years – £50.00

*This bonus has a limit of £50.00 as requires the client to have a minimum spend of (£400.00 per year) to be eligible for this discount

Century Bonus

The Century Bonus is a final way to say thank you to businesses who’ve trusted BAIreland Services over the years.

The Century Bonus gives businesses a £200.00 discount for every 100 invoices processed regardless of how little they may be.

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