2018 The year of 5’s

Going back to February when things really got going for B.A.Ireland Services. I was consulting with a business in regards to opening their food operations and moving the business forward.

They had a small little cafe operation with very slow turnover, but had only achieved a 3 out of 5 which is slightly bizarre seeming they hadn’t opened for more than a week before they were inspected.

The audit read “little knowledge of safe practices. incomplete HACCP ect”. The normal and usual culprits in an inspection.

After some meetings with the client and a few tweaks to their food safety policy, the re-inspection process began.

The client had me go in every week or so and make sure everything was in order and running smoothly. Much to the chefs frustration.

Anyway some weeks past and the big day arrived. The officer arrived, announced they were here for a re-inspection and began their work.

Everything went perfectly. 0 points on each section (for those who don’t know, the lower the score, the better)

I received praise from the owner and a satisfied handshake from the chef. But best of all i was referred to 2 additional businesses and started work with these businesses.

Some time later…

Business is going well and i receive messages and emails from clients thanking  myself for the professional and effective service i deliver.

One client emailed over stating upon inspection, the officer said their documentation “was overkill”. Which to be fair i was chuffed about. If an environmental health officer thinks the documentation i implement for businesses is overkill, then I’m on the right track.

Then 4 weeks ago whilst participating in the relief freelance chef game, i stumble upon an old client who’s recent head chef had left and were due a re-inspection to claim ‘5/5’. A feet not achieved at this client in some time (years)

So i did the normal process of sit down, look through the environmental audit, and start ticking off the completed tasks. All in all it took me 2 weeks to get everything in order (and at the same time completing the relief work i was contracted out for).

The environmental health officer visited on the Monday and was “over the moon”, giving the client 5/5 for the first time in many years.

Part of my job satisfaction is the 5/5 food hygiene score a client receives. The rest of the satisfaction is knowing the client can keep things up to the high standards when I’m not around.

Though for this year of 2018, the satisfaction is 100% of all my clients has received 5/5.

Well done to every team and individual who helped achieved each businesses rating.



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